5 Reads: Empowering Introverts, Phones, Zen and More


Welcome to a brand new work week!

Well, technically, I’m not working this week, which means I am doing a lot more reading than normal and have plenty of cool articles to share. Here are 5 that I found interesting:

Two-Thirds of Managers Are Uncomfortable Communicating With Employees

By Lou SolomonHarvard Business Review 

Key quote: “With so much to gain, why don’t leaders have feedback conversations more often? Because not all leaders are comfortable with the responsibility. The fear of hurting people’s feelings and dealing with potential drama and retribution hold us back.” Read the rest here.

How Running Helps People Process Memories

By Paul BisceglioThe Atlantic

Key quote: “Running familiar routes, in other words, conjures our demons and gives us the tools we need to conquer them. It irons out the past, makes us see ourselves in a more positive light.” Read the rest here

How to Empower The Introverts In Your Organization

By Maren HoganMedium

Key quote: “Extroverts start strong in team projects because they tend to work better with people, but because introverts are more concerned with what others think of them, they’re more likely to focus on the work and get it done so others won’t think ill of them.” Read the rest here

Science Explains How Your Phone Is Ruining Your Relationships

By Jessica StillmanInc.

Key quote: “The bottom line: even just putting your beloved gadget on the table significantly reduces feelings of intimacy and the other party’s estimation of your concern for what they’re saying.” Read the rest here

Zen And The Art Of Getting Things Done

By David G AllanCNN

Key quote: “The strange paradox is you actually have to use your mind to shut your mind up,” he said. But not by meditation or mantras. “You can’t shut it up by trying to shut it off. What you have to do is [ask yourself] ‘Why is this on my mind?” Read the rest here


Image credit: By Ikiwaner - Own work, GFDL 1.2, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=8133127

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