Pics Of The Year (So Far)

At the start of the year, I had grand plans to reorganize the publication schedule for this blog. I intended to rethink the schedule, the types of content I shared, and the topics I wrote about.

About a week later when I sat down to actually do the work of changing the schedule, I couldn’t remember what prompted me to want to make a change. That is of course, until yesterday, when in the midst of extreme Spring Break relaxation, I remembered that I had wanted to share PHOTOS on the blog!

Why? Photos tell a story, and since this blog is part work, part personal, they have a role to play. I’ll commit to sharing at least 3 a month from here on out (with accompanying backstory).

Here are photos from January and February (with March coming soon)!


Alamo Bowl

A friend and I went to the Alamo Bowl on January 2. She is a huge Oregon fan, so we sat in the Oregon section and ended up witnessing one of the greatest college football bowl games of all time. Oh, and Oregon lost. Yikes!


River Walkers

In early January, the city of San Antonio emptied The Riverwalk for cleanup. A coworker and I walked to see it during lunch one day. I don’t know exactly what they did during this “cleanup period” but at some point, it involved people walking down the river wearing hard hats.


Half Concha

This is a good one. I was at an Our Lady of the Lake Univeristy Women’s Basketball game with friends when someone brought some pan dulce to share. I took this picture and posted it on Facebook (of course). Then, a Facebook friend RECOGNIZED the pastry, affectionately called a concha, as one that they served in a meeting on campus earlier that day! I verified the source of the pastry and my facebook buddy was correct! What are the odds??? And why was I provided leftover conchas!!!???



Rio Taxi

February was unusually warm, a theme you’ll see in each of these pictures. One day at lunch I went for a long walk and got this shot of a Rio Taxi on the San Antonio river.


Stick In The Mud

With amazing weather, I was able to get out and do some hiking. I went for a two-hour hike in Friedrich Wilderness Park, where I normally do all my trail runs. This shot captures the dead tree that for whatever reason, sneaks up on me on almost every run. It has been the source of many close calls and last-second dodges on my runs.


On Target

I took this picture in a Target parking lot, where I had gone to purchase deodorant, cereal, and some all purpose cleaner. There’s no story here, other than the fact that I noticed a decent sunset in my side mirror and it happened to come out as a cool picture.


The Leaning Tree

On yet another amazingly sunny and warm day in February, I walked to the HEB that is just a few blocks from our office. On the way back I noticed this tree for the first time. It will be interesting to track its changes through the seasons. Hopefully, this tree doesn’t drag things out the way things drug out for my brother.



Coming soon!



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