Pics Of The Month: March 2016

Can you believe we’ve arrived in April?

In what feels like just a few short weeks we’ve gone from winter to summer and back to spring here in Texas. In just a few more short weeks we’ll be in the dead of summer, which I always argue is like our winter because the heat makes it difficult to do things outside.

Nonetheless, March is over and with it comes the opportunity to share some of the pictures I’ve posted over on Instagram. Here are a handful and the story behind them:

Visual Conversations at TEDxSanAntonio

On March 5 I attended TEDxSanAntonio’s event, “You Think You Know“. It was an amazing experience from start to finish, including Kate Haward’s session on using images when communicating. At the end of her talk, she encouraged everyone to start visual conversations on the big chalkboard in the main reception area. I personally didn’t, but I took this  photo of OTHER people taking her advice.


La Sombrilla at UTSA

On a particularly lazy day during Spring Break, I decided to attend my first UTSA baseball game. I went, but the game was delayed so I wandered around campus to kill time. This is the Sombrilla (literal translation: “the umbrella”). Because it was Spring Break, I caught this normally busy space completely empty so it made for a unique shot. Oh, and by the time I made it back to the baseball field UTSA was losing terribly so I decided to go for a run. Meh.


Fiesta in Pico De Gallo

There is a restaurant not far from our office called Pico De Gallo (literal translation, “Beak of the Rooster”). It’s a unique space and often sits in the shadows of its legendary sister restaurant Mi Tierra (“My Country”) a few blocks away. The decor at both restaurants include murals and a distinctly Mexican (as in Mexico) flare. These banners often grace homes around San Antonio during Fiesta, a 10-day, citywide party in the spring, but they are permanent in Pico De Gallo and Mi Tierra:


Buckle Up Your Brisket

I don’t know what to say about this one, except that I went to Bill Miller Bar-B-Q after teaching a class and my post facilitation hunger allowed me to be talked into an order of brownies with my brisket. The result was that I got handed a VERY LARGE bag to hold my “to go” order. I got in my car and buckled it in so it didn’t fall all over the place while I was driving. People “liked” the heck out of it on Facebook.

Apparently we really love our safely secured brisket in these parts.

Texas y’all.


Cascarones at Easter

I don’t know about your neck of the woods, but around here it’s an Easter (and Fiesta) tradition to bash an empty egg shell filled with confetti on people’s heads. These are called “cascarones”, and their presence at spring events is as reliable as spring itself. My sister brought cascarones to Easter this year, and in our own Escobarian way we all thought it would be hilarious to take a picture of me with as much confetti and egg shell remnants on my bald head as possible.

So here. Laugh at my face!


That’s it until we finish April! At this rate, it will feel like it’s here in about 15 minutes.

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