Just Keep Writing!

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Just keep writing!

Some of the best writing advice I ever received came from Mrs. Vollmer, my high school creative writing teacher.

In her class, she mandated free writing as part of our daily practice. She started every day with 20 minutes (I think) of writing nonstop. It is a practice that I still use to this day, although now I use it most often when I am stuck and can’t seem to break through a particularly terrible case of writer’s block.

“Just keep writing!”

She would often interrupt the room’s silence with these reminders.

And I did.

I wrote about anything and everything, and after just a few minutes I found myself ready to take on more complex writing tasks. I broke through huge chunks of writer’s block with pen and paper (it was the 90’s, those crazy crazy 90’s). I found my voice when it eluded me otherwise.

Today, I find this advice echoed in the people I look up to in the HR space who WRITE consistently. They all say, in their own way what Mrs. Vollmer used to say. They say that writing is a practice and that the simple act putting anything on paper is practice, even if it doesn’t feel like it adds up to¬†something you want to share.

And wouldn’t you know it, this very post is the product of such work, only, in this case, I set a timer for five minutes to force myself into writing concisely. And in case you’re wondering, the old trick still works.

So, again. Just keep writing!

Now, on to the next post…

One thought

  1. It’s actually really good advice. Writing helps ‘prime’the mind and focus your thoughts. Of course this effect varies person to person based on their learning habits.
    That’s why it’s so important to have a good opening line.
    What I would recommend to help writing is to have an inspiring quote, or a small extract with a certain voice related to what you want to write about-somewhere near your screen, writing pad, or document.


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