5 Reads: Coworker’s Skin, Strengths, Meditation and More


This week’s reads are as diverse as the microbiomes we inhabit at work. Below are 5 reads I think are worth sharing, and worth your time on a variety of subjects.

So start your workweek off with the knowledge that you are breathing in your coworker’s skin, then go to YouTube to try to meditate all the stress that chunk of knowledge causes you!


Your Office Has Its Own Microbiome, And It Comes From Your Coworkers’ Skin

By Jessica Leber. Fast Company

Key Quote:

But offices in different cities had more unique signatures—a computer program could predict with 85% accuracy which of the three cities the office was located in, just by knowing its microbial composition. Read the rest here

How to Read a Book a Week

By Peter Bregman. Harvard Business Review

Key Quote:

Fiction demands that we enter a world of the author’s making, inspiring a more immersive experience. Nonfiction — at least the type we tend to read to support our work as business leaders — makes a point and asks us to learn from it. Read the rest here

4 Steps to Fixing Your Weaknesses by Focusing on Your Strengths

By Chuck Blakeman. Inc.

Key Quote:

The simple principle is that we’re good at things that we love doing. We’re highly motivated to get better at our good stuff, and completely demotivated to fix our messes. Read the rest here

5 meditation experts to relax with on YouTube

By Chelsea Frisbie. Mashable

Key Quote:

The medical community cites many potential health benefits from a regular meditation practice, such as anxiety relief, or reducing the risk of heart disease and Alzheimer’s disease. Read the rest here

Good Bosses Create More Wellness Than Wellness Plans Do

By Emma Seppala. Harvard Business Review

Key Quote:

So what leads to employee happiness? A workplace characterized by humanity. An organizational culture characterized by forgiveness, kindness, trust, respect, and inspiration. Read the rest here


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