Pics Of The Month: April 2016

April is done and done!

Here are the Instagrams that tell the tale of the month that was:

JHR Scholarship

The amazing folks at work raised money and put in a ton of work over the last year or so to establish the Janet H. Rangel Scholarship in honor of our friend Janet. At the start of April, they held a small reception to celebrate her life and the first round of scholarship awards. I’m so glad they did this and that I was invited to the reception.

In every sense, my colleagues are doing what I wish I had the courage to do. They are taking action through words, deeds, and works. As for me, I can’t seem to get unstuck long enough to do anything other than be a nervous spectator at events like this.


Fiesta Is Coming

I work just a few blocks from the King William District. I’ve posted pictures of this neighborhood a lot on Instagram, as it’s an area I walk in or run in a lot, and it’s generally photo friendly. I took this on some random walk during the work day. Fiesta and the King William Fair was no more than a few weeks away, and the streets were slowly but surely starting to show it.


Los Spurs v Thunder

A few weeks back a buddy invited me to the Spurs last home game of the season against the Oklahoma City Thunder.

During the game, a massive THUNDER storm blew through the city causing record breaking hail damage. Our cars were spared, the Spurs won in overtime, and we scored vouchers for free taquitos at Whataburger on the way out.

And then last night the Spurs started the second round of the playoffs against the same team, the Oklahoma City Thunder.

I’m not typically superstitious, but that’s a lot of THUNDER. Let’s just say my lucky Spurs shirt will be clean and ready to go for every game from here on out!


Team Concha at La Gloria

The day after the Spurs game, the weather was amazing, and a handful of friends and I met at La Gloria at the Dominion for dinner and some serious laughs. We don’t get together nearly as often as we should, but when we do we bring it! The gang is comprised of one-time mentors and mentees, turned friends. We talked a little shop, a little business, and shared LOTS of hilarious stories. This is a picture of the back of the building (from the parking lot).


Springtime in San Antonio

This house is just around the corner from our office, and I walk past it almost daily. One day I noticed that they had fully embraced the advent of Spurs playoff season AND Fiesta so I took this picture and posted it on Instagram. Then the owner of the house commented on that post, thanking me for taking the picture! It made me wonder if that was weird for them. I would feel weird if someone was taking pictures of where I lived. Then again, I’m probably overthinking it.


King William Fair and Concha Medals

I went to the King William Fair for the first time, along with a handful of folks from our little dinner at La Gloria. I enjoyed it and will definitely make it a regular part of my Fiesta plans, but I especially enjoyed that one of our good friends bought us Concha Fiesta pins! This is my first Fiesta medal (other than the ones I have been forced to wear at work in the past) and it’s the most appropriate because conchas are the best pan dulce on the planet!

Also, I apparently wear that shirt a lot.



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