Pics of the Month: May 2016

lcome to June!

The Spring semester is over, and that means that at work we’ve moved on to our 4-day workweek…errrr…”3-day weekend” schedule for the summer! Hurray!

But before I move into total summer mode, it’s time to look back at the Instagrams that made the month of May.

Yoga All Over Again

In late April the Yoga instructor whose class I consistently attended, “M”, up and changed her schedule. This left me to wander the wilderness in search of another session at my gym that fits my schedule, my capabilities, and my overall sense of “I wish everything was exactly like the previous class I was taking“. This pic is from the first Saturday session I tried in the post-M era. I’ll just end this like I end almost every Yoga post I write; I still have A LOT to learn, and need A LOT of practice!


Artisanal Doughnut Meets Cheap Chopstick

Recently I shared a doughnut with a buddy at work. It was a fancy doughnut, the kind you have to make an active effort to acquire. We didn’t want to use our hands to split the doughnut (even dudes splitting a doughnut have standards) so we looked everywhere for a knife but came up empty. Instead, we found a random set of chopsticks. We knew that that was probably as good as it was going to get so I painstakingly cut that gourmet doughnut in half. It wasn’t easy, and all that effort resulted in a doughnut that was mangled and smashed anyway!



In May, I joined Geekdom, a collaborative workspace for startups, and like that proverbial “journey of a thousand miles”, it was the first step of an entrepreneurial journey that has long been overdue. I’m not trying to replace my day job or anything like that; I just want to be able to apply my skills and experience more broadly. I often coach people to diversify their income, and to rethink work through the lens of a “portfolio career“; now it’s my turn to do just that. This journey deserves it’s own blog post, and rest assured, that will come in due time. For now, here’s a picture of the outside of the Rand Building where Geekdom is located.


There’s A Snake On My Route!

It was the month of the snake along the King William River Trail. Every day we came across MANY snakes on our walk breaks, sometimes swimming across the river, sometimes in piles on the river banks, and sometimes just over the ledge unbeknownst to all that walk by! This picture is of such a ledge, where lately you can almost guarantee that you will find 2-3 snakes chillaxing the day away. We think they are water moccasins, but the city groundskeepers we’ve semi-befriended think they are non-poisonous constrictor snakes. We’re pretty sure they’re wrong.


Visit San Antonio. We Have Cathedrals and Raspas.

Last weekend I was working at Geekdom and decided I wanted to get lunch. I walked across the street to Main Plaza to partake in the food trucks that normally gather there, but found only trucks serving raspas! I made several laps around Main Plaza looking for food options and on one of those laps I snapped this picture of San Fernando Cathedral. The next day “Visit San Antonio” contacted me to get permission to use the image. Crazy right? I’m not sure where or if they will decide to use it, but I’ll be sure to provide updates!


This Flood’s For You

It rained A LOT in May. So far, the San Antonio area has mostly been spared of the type of flooding happening in east Texas, but even so, it feels that our entire weather pattern has centered around rain, and the fleeting moments of clear weather we get before it starts to rain again. This is a picture of one of the “locks” on the San Antonio River near Blue Star Arts Complex. These locks are part of an intricate flood management system built to protect downtown San Antonio. Let’s just say the system works! (Also, check out this video of the same location)


That’s a wrap for May; on to June!

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