5 HR Reads: “How To #SHRM16” Edition

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Start your week with these great reads from the world of HR, specifically tips, tricks, and insight into the SHRM Annual Conference (#SHRM16).

Be sure to check out these posts, their respective blogs, and to connect with the HR leaders who wrote them!

MY #SHRM16 Schedule…So Far

Sabrina Baker. Acacia HR Solutions

Key Quote: “If you aren’t going and see any sessions you think would be interesting, send them my way. If they make sense for me and my readers I may just attend them and share any insight I can to make you feel like you were there with us.” Read the rest here

Eleven Things Attendees Should NOT Be Doing at #SHRM16

Matt Stollack. True Faith HR

Key Quote: “Do not buy coffee at the conference center. I know those vendors have paid high rent and are trying to earn a buck. However, the lines will rival that of the TSA as you fly to DC. Get your caffeine fix at your hotel.” Read the rest here

Prepping for #SHRM16

John Nykolaiszyn. Fast Food HR

Key Quote: “This is going to be a great conference. You’re going to learn, meet new peeps, and have a great time. And while points are merely suggestions, if you plan accordingly, you’ll maximize your conference experience.” Read the rest here.

From Melbourne Australia to Washington D.C. for #SHRM16

Renee Robson. Engage Learn Build

Key Quote:  No sarcasm: HR people are the best – we make a difference in people’s lives, we get to work in every industry, and we get to contribute to easily the most interesting part of work – the people!” Read the rest here

Q&A With #SHRM16 Speaker Steve Browne (@sbrownehr)

Matt Stollack. True Faith HR

Key Quote:People in all professions tend to “settle in” after a long career. It’s easier, it’s had some marked success in the past and people accept it. I think this is a stumbling block for our profession.” Read the rest here. 

Bonus Read:

Meet the Top 35+ HR Pros on SnapChat at #SHRM16

Jessica Miller-Merrel. Blogging4Jobs

Key Quote: “Understanding the whole person using social media is the best way to build a long-lasting relationship that goes beyond snaps, tweets, videos or pics.” Read the rest here


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