My Breakthrough Moments at #SHRM16

Okay, so I didn’t write about the SHRM Annual Conference like I have in the past, or even like I said I would at the start of the week. You know what I did do, however? I made the most of every single moment of the conference!

I caught up with local HR buddies, statewide HR buddies, and spent tons of quality time with “the beloved family” (as Mike calls it) celebrating #HRChristmas.

Yup, “HR Christmas”, that time of year when we all come together from all corners of the globe to celebrate the people of our profession, and the work we do. More than anything, we celebrate old friendships, and making new ones.

Sure, there are amazing learning opportunities in every session, and the keynotes are always outstanding, but if you’re like me, you get the most out of conversations had in between sessions, at dinner, and throughout the long evenings of the conference.

It means accepting the idea that your BREAKTHROUGH MOMENT may not happen in a session at all.

It may just happen when the session ends, and you introduce yourself to the speaker and end up talking shop for 15 minutes. It may happen when you strike up a conversation with another attendee and discover that they are facing the same challenges you are, so you make plans to get in touch in a few weeks to discuss ideas.

Better still, maybe your BREAKTHROUGH MOMENT is when you introduce new friends to old friends, in just the same way others did for you. Maybe it’s being reminded of your full potential and all the incredible things we can accomplish. Maybe it’s realizing that we always have a choice; we just need to CHOOSE TO LIVE to our potential.

But mostly, for me at least, it’s the opportunity to refuel, to stock up, to replenish, and to restore my HR nerd soul. They are the moments that can’t be taken away, the ones where the laughs outnumbered solutions, the ones where PEOPLE made the biggest impact.

For me, it’s all the moments leading up to, and following this BREAKTHROUGH MOMENT right HERE:




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