Running, Misery and Discomfort

pexels-photo (3) Cropped

I need to start running again.

In my best estimation, it’s been roughly two months since I’ve laced up my shoes and hit the trail for a run of any significance.

Have there been moments when I was relatively inspired to work out? Of course. In fact just last weekend after watching the Olympic Trials for about 3 hours I managed to get up and run on the treadmill for about 20 minutes.


About a week prior I got motivated to do a kettlebell workout that I used to ace regularly, and it brought about a level of soreness I haven’t felt in an extremely long time. My natural response was to limp around for a few days before even considering returning to the gym.

All of this is fine and well considering that we’ve entered the hottest part of the year in south Texas. It is simply too miserable outside to do, well, just about anything. This, of course, justifies not running in this crazy heat. It’s counterproductive after all. One run won’t lead to another, it will just lead to more misery and discomfort.

Although it is just theoretical misery and discomfort, it has been enough to keep me sidelined all summer.

So for now, I wait, knowing full well that I am already registered to run two half marathons (one in December, and another in January 2017). Somewhere along the way regular workouts and regular runs need to reenter the equation.

Otherwise, CERTAIN misery and discomfort will be the order of the day when I force myself to run 13.1.

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