Video: How to Write a Mission Statement That Doesn’t Suck

I’ve read a lot of mission statements in my day.

I just like to read what a company is all about. Perhaps more so, I am interested in what they like to SAY they are all about. It’s just a thing I do.

I’ve also sat on a few committees and teams that struggled through the mission statement writing process. It’s hard work. People are incredibly passionate about the tone and meaning of every single word.

Writing a mission statement is no easy task. Some mission statements are way too long, and others way to short. Some mission statements are incredibly vague, while others are excruciatingly specific.

Even when you get it RIGHT, it may only be right for a time. As time passes, a  mission statement might need to be updated to reflect current conditions. It’s enough to make anyone crazy!

Mission statement craziness is bad. So here’s a video from Fast Company, featuring Dan Heath, that is sure to help.

Check it out:

Email subscribers, if you want to write a mission statement that doesn't suck you're going to have to click here to watch the video. Go on, do it!

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