Music: All My Life, by Foo Fighters

It’s hard to believe this song came out 14 years ago.

I remember playing the CD in my office at Fiesta Texas when I was writing and updating operating manuals in the off-season. The refrain, “done,  done, on to the next one” played well with this task.

In 2011, when I trained for my first (and only) marathon this song inevitably shuffled its way back into my life on my long runs. “Done, done, on to the next one!” became a sort of mantra, mile after mile, week after week.

It’s rock that builds as the song progresses. It’s loud, and it hooks just enough for you to predict it. It thrives on tension and then releases that tension.

And that’s why it’s still one of my favorite “GET SH*T DONE” songs.


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