Pics of the Month: August 2016

I can’t believe we’ve entered the final four months of 2016.

In what feels like twenty minutes, we’ll be planning awkward Halloween get-togethers at work, and then we’re on to Thanksgiving, Christmas, and 2017!

(*breathes into paper bag*)

But first, let’s close out summer. Here are the Instagrams that made the month of August!

Wanna Go Ride Bikes???

I’ve wanted a bike for a long time. At the start of August, I wandered over to the Blue Star Bike Shop during lunch and almost got talked into buying one. Luckily my history of purchasing things I never use entered my mind and I decided I would wait. I still haven’t bought a bike, but I’m being smart about the process. For now.


Oh Hey Geekdom

This was the view from my seat on the ONE visit I made to Geekdom in August. That’s like having a gym membership and never using it. That’s like paying for a car and walking to work. That’s like being a member of local SHRM Chapter and only going to the free events. You get the point. As I told my good buddy NCR, “shrugs!”


There’s Storms In Them There Clouds!

In late August, the brutal heat was broken up by few days of rain. It was such a relief, and in between the showers I was able to get out and walk along the Riverwalk  during my lunch break. It was incredibly humid, but I missed walking like this enough to power through it. For all the dark clouds in this picture, it didn’t rain this particular afternoon.


Riverwalk Still Too Crowded

On the first day of school traffic was terrible, parents at work were exhausted, and I scored a picture of the Riverwalk underneath the Cesar Chavez bridge that was almost (ALMOST!) devoid of human beings.


That’s a wrap for August! In September I’m looking forward to family visits, cooler weather, college football, whooping everyone in my fantasy football leagues, and a serious return to running!

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