Don’t Forget to Onboard Internal Hires!


We tend to forget about internal hires, but they go through a lot of the same learning anxiety that external hires do.

It’s true that they don’t have to learn the very basics of organizational culture, or even the simple things such as where and how to clock in, or where the bathrooms are, but they also tend to get a lot less attention when they move over.

We take this for granted for some reason.

We assume that since they are already working in the organization, that they do not warrant the time and effort we normally put forth in onboarding new employees. Do they need LESS attention? Yes, but that doesn’t justify the near complete lack of attention that is often afforded them.

Internal hires should have some form of onboarding process. It should exclude the things they may already know (or better yet, do a quick check competency check in these areas before excluding them), and fill in all the departmental gaps so that they can get up and running as soon as possible.

All the same benefits of onboarding that apply to new hires will apply in their own way for internal hires. You’ll vastly improve your chances of retaining talent, you’ll shorten the amount of time it takes for the new employee to be fully productive, and you’ll jump start the relationships that matter so much when starting a new position!

Onboarding internal hires may not always stand out as a priority, but it’s worth it. You just have to choose to make time to do it!

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