Music: So Much to Say, by Dave Matthews Band


One of the first CDs I purchased was Crash, by Dave Matthews Band.

I recall that at the time, I had just purchased a Discman using the money I had earned working weekends at Fiesta Texas. My brother, sister, and I were blown away with the idea of CDs in general, and the fact that a device existed that let us carry them around was just AMAZING to us.

I also remember that we liked the track, “So Much to Say”. Maybe it was because it was quirky, or perhaps it was just because we didn’t know any better. The song just stood out!

These days this song gets played most often via the “shuffle” option on my iPhone that houses the vast majority of my music library. Most likely, it get’s played as I fight through traffic on the way to work, and it competes for attention with music streaming services that we wouldn’t have dreamed of in the 90s.

It’s amazing how far technology, life, and musical tastes have evolved over the years.

Even so, “So Much to Say” remains one of my favorites.


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