Your Employees Don’t Need a Pep Talk


Your employees don’t need a pep talk.

What they need, are clear expectations and consistent, actionable feedback.

Pep talks are easy. Providing expectations and feedback is hard.

That’s why we tend to default towards the pep talk instead of difficult conversations about what we want out of the people who have chosen to work for us. Telling people how great things are, or that they should appreciate the little things is perfectly fine. But it will only go so far.

You see, when the good feelings wear off, and your employee returns to their desk and rediscovers that they have no idea what being successful in your organization looks like and no clue on how to get there, it takes more than spirited speeches to close the gap.

Sure, there’s a time and a place for everything, and I have to admit that a soul-stirring speech now and then can be an acceptable part of a well-rounded portfolio of employee engagement techniques.

But it can’t be the main part.

People need to be able to see for themselves what it takes to meet expectations, how the work they do matters, and how they can improve.

Without this, that pep talk will SOUND great, but feel empty.

Ready to get started? Check out these three resources:


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