Meetings That Don’t Start AND End On Time Are Morale Killers


Bad meetings can be morale killers.

Often this is the result of unclear expectations (no agenda, no plan, no clear set of actions and decisions to be made), etc. But I tend to think one aspect of morale-killing meetings gets overlooked.

They don’t start and end on time

If you want to bring about moans and groans about your meetings, consistently start them late and consistently end them late.

People value their time. By rule, they can’t get it back after it is lost, that’s why when it is wasted through simple oversight or a lack of planning, it sucks the life right out of the room.

If you planned on getting feedback or insight on a particular topic but failed to value the time of the people who planned to be at your meeting, you have set yourself up for failure. Even the people most enthusiastic about the topic will find themselves questioning the importance of the meeting when you fail to live up to the expectations you created.

Be realistic about when a meeting will begin and end. Stay aware of time as it passes, and make it clear that you want to make the most of the time spent in the meeting.

Your people will thank you for it!

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