Pics of the Month: September 2016

Fall has finally arrived in south Texas, and with it came the promise of cooler temperatures (eventually) and days that keep getting shorter and shorter.

Before we embrace the greatness of fall, here are the Instagrams that made the month of September!

Los Amigos

September brought the start of the UTSA Football season, and an end to the long sports drought that summer always brings. This picture is from our tailgate at the first game of the season. We’re putting on a good face here; the heat index was over 110 degrees when we took this picture!


Make America Grill Again

On Labor Day my brother and I watched our dad assemble a barbecue pit, occasionally handing him a part or tool, pretty much the same way we “helped” when we were kids. When all that was finished, there was grillin’ to be done! Grilling was not only delicious, it was picturesque, and prompted M to coin the phrase “Make America Grill Again“. Well said.


Stretch Goals

Also on Labor Day, I managed to catch this devil cat as she woke up from a nap. She stretched the way all of us wish we could stretch after taking a mid-day nap the way all of us wish we could take a mid-day nap, and I snapped this picture. And yes, those are my orange shoes below the chair (and yes, I own a pair of orange shoes).


September Spring

No “pics of the month” post is complete without referencing weird weather. It rained A LOT in September, and the Riverwalk started to look more like it does in Spring than it does in the waning days of summer!



I found this spot on my way to pick up lunch. It’s located across the street from the soon to be redeveloped Lone Star Brewery about half a mile from my office. I’m not sure what this building is (or was), but because the entire area is undergoing a bit of a revival, I’m almost certain it won’t stay untouched for long.


Christmas is Coming

Acceptable temperatures FINALLY arrived the last week of September, so I went for a glorious  walk after work one day while recovering from a cold. I was surprised to see that Christmas lights were already in the trees, a sure sign that decorating the Riverwalk is a HUGE undertaking and that like it or not, winter is coming.


That’s a wrap for September! In October I’m looking forward to our siblings trip to NYC, uncomfortable Halloween events, and even more amazing weather!

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