Pics of the Month: October 2016

I ate well in October. Alternatively, if you judge me by ever expanding waistline, I ate terribly in October!

No matter how you judge me (I just know you are), it was a month full of delicious food, awkward experiences, and feats of 20/20 vision.

Here are the Instagrams that made the month of October:

Texas Tough 10K and La Gloria

At the start of October, I volunteered at the Texas Tough 10K which, expectedly, is an incredibly tough course. I got up SUPER early to hand out water and pick up cones after the race, and I had a great time doing it! Best of all, we had tacos and conversation  at La Gloria afterward!

National Noodle At All Costs Day

On National Noodle Day I was determined to partake in the $6 ramen being served up at Kimura just a few blocks from our office. I couldn’t talk anyone into going with me (something about work to do, etc. whatevs), so I struck out on my own. The problem was that I had to pay for parking, and what I imagined would only be a few bucks turned out to be $10. Furthermore, upon my arrival, I decided to add pork to my ramen for an additional fee. In all, this experience, while delicious, cost me $23!

Because it was National Noodle Day, and everyone in America was on the same mission as I, there was no place to sit so I took the food back to the office. That’s right, I paid $23 to park for roughly 15 minutes, pick up delicious ramen, and then drive it back to the office so I could make a mess in the privacy of my tiny little cubicle.

Freakin Laserbeams

I did it. I got my eyes fixed via the sorcery of Lasik surgery! Aside from one evening of mild itchiness, and an awkward week of wearing protective goggles to sleep, it was an amazing experience! This picture was taken by the folks at TLC Laser Eye Centers, who were amazing in every possible way, including being infinitely patient with me and all my “completely overthinking it” questions.

Come and Fake It

UTSA started this new thing in 2016 where we unfurl a giant flag that says “Come and Take It” at the end of the third quarter at our football games. I’m not a huge fan of this particular “tradition” because it’s not even our thing, it feels forced and because well, sometimes teams actually DO come and take it.

This particular day, the student section, half filled as always, had a hard time unfurling the flag and it got tangled for what felt like an eternity. Our section was particularly annoyed at this, sarcastically cheering them on to “figure it out”, and proclaiming “this is why we can’t have nice things!”

Notorious P.I.G.

The best hot dogs in America are at Frank, less than a mile from our office. On national bosses day we decided to take our director here for lunch, and I decided to try the “Notorious P.I.G.”, which according to their menu, consists of the following:

“Custom made smoked pork, bacon, jalapeño, sage sausage dressed with mac n cheese and Dr. Doppleganger BBQ sauce on a Frank bun”

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Notorious P.I.G.

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That’s all for October!

In November I’m looking forward to the fall weather that we were promised, but has yet to materialize, Thanksgiving, family time, and the relentless march to the holidays.

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