Holiday Music: A Great Big Sled, by The Killers

Every Christmas I share music by The Killers, who have released a new holiday song every year for the last ten in support of the (RED) Foundation and AIDS research/prevention.

This year, The Killers put all of their previously released singles (and a new one) in an album called “Don’t Waste Your Wishes“. If you’re looking for a few nontraditional Christmas tunes and want to support a good cause, download the album.

These songs are among my favorites because they don’t feel contrived, they tell stories, and even in their darkest moments, they maintain that sense of Christmas fun and cheer that proves more and more evasive with each passing year.

So here is the song that started it all and perhaps my personal favorite, “A Great Big Sled“, with lyrics that seem to get better and better with time.

“I’ve been raking my brain with thoughts of peace and love,
How on earth did we get so mixed up???
I pray to God, it don’t last a long time.

I wanna roll around like a kid in the snow
I wanna relearn what I already know
Just let me take flight dressed in red
Through the night on a great big sled” 


Email subscribers, click here to listen.

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