5 Reads: Delegating, Celebrating, Predicting and More

It’s the Friday before Christmas!

If you’re working, I’m sorry. Here are five reads that got clicked on most often on my little blog in 2016 to help you power through the day and into the weekend.

Last Word: Hey, Job Candidates – If It’s In The Public Domain, It’s Fair Game

John Hollon. TLNT

I often wonder about this. I haven’t been involved in recruiting or the employment side of HR in a few years, but by now I have to think that it is common knowledge that social media WILL be taken into account when assessing a candidate. I mean, if a candidate can’t keep it together online they probably won’t do so at work, right? The difference is that most non-HR folks don’t realize this. And that’s why I think people secretly clicked on this article enough to push it into the top five for 2016.

Delegating Will Not Make You Dispensable – Ask #HR Bartender

Sharlyn Lauby. HR Bartender

I’m pretty sure people clicked on this article because HR Bartender is one of HR’s most read and reputable blogs, or because the idea that delegating will not make you dispensable is still enough of a shock to people to warrant further investigation. It frightens me to let my mind linger on the latter.

Project Implicit

You’ve got biases. I’ve got biases. We’ve all got biases! Even so, I don’t know whether to feel good or bad that a link to an assessment to determine our personal biases made it on this list. I suppose knowing is half the battle, so that’s a positive thing! It just has to be, right???

Federal Judge Stops U.S. Department of Labor’s Overtime Rule

Eric Meyer. The Employer Handbook.

I wrote a simple little blog post about the FLSA Overtime Rule and it quickly became the most read on my blog in 2016. HR folks from all over tuned in because they thought I was going to offer some kind of real solution for their administrative woes. Instead, I told them to stop being jerks about it.

But along the way they found the above-linked article from The Employer Handbook that provided much better insight, so it kind of worked out!

5 Powerful Human Resource Trends in 2016

Jessica Miller-Merrell. Workology

Everyone loves end of year/start of the new year listicles. Because of that, it’s no surprise that an article about the HR trends that will shape 2016 made the list. Articles like this are fun because you can look back and see if what it predicted came true, and because at some point you also legitimately say “we’ve been predicting that since 2016”, and provide proof!

That’s all for now. Have a safe and merry Christmas!

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