2016: A Year In Review

Bamberger Park, San Antonio TX

Every so often I question the importance of writing this blog. Every once and a while, it just feels like work. But then, along comes a milestone like the end of the year to remind me that this blog is about more than just HR or random personal stories. It’s about more than interesting videos or music I like listening to.

It’s an ongoing story of the ideas, moments, and people that matter most in my life. 

And so any review of the year needs to include the posts that marked a significant event or simply made a point that resonated. These posts represent moments in time, but by no means represent all the moments that mattered. They are reminders, or as I said last year, “mile markers”.

And I’m glad I took the time to write them.

Here are the blog posts that tell the tale of 2016.

imageJanuary – March

Medal Ten

“If you had asked me when I started if I would run more than one half marathon or ever run a full marathon I would have laughed. I used to hate thinking about running in those days, and now, it feels like I do my best thinking when I’m running. It’s funny how things change.” Read the rest here

The Simplest Way to Provide Performance Feedback

“Performance feedback should be easy to do, provoke a thoughtful conversation, and feel safe for you and the employee. It should provide everyone with opportunities to build on strengths or improve on weaknesses without worrying about how it affects their next raise.” Read the rest here.

You Think You Know: 7 Lessons from TEDx San Antonio

“At TEDxSanAntonio there was no shortage of ideas and inspiration. 17 presenters shared stories and performances that broadened minds by addressing the theme of “You Think You Know”. Read the rest here.


imageApril – June

When Your Organization Wins Big, Give Everyone a Ring

“When your organization wins big, make sure that no person is too small to be recognized. Extend recognition not only to the people with hefty titles and pay grades to match, but to the people who labor behind the scenes to make all the accomplishments proclaimed in victory speeches possible.” Read the rest here.

Kick Over Some Rocks in HR

“In HR, we occasionally get stuck worrying about more about what’s hidden under the rocks in our organization than the opportunities to succeed if we move them. We think long and hard about what danger awaits us should we choose to kick it over, but almost never consider the consequences of NOT moving it.” Read the rest here.

Stop “Fixing” the Introverts

“Introversion is not something to be overcome, cured, or fixed. Listen to the language. Why are we never worried about freaking out the EXTROVERTS?” Read the rest here.

Poor Mr. Green

“Yesterday I was confused for a man named Mr. Green. I was in jury duty. Technically, it was only the selection process, but it took nearly 10 hours so, in my little world, I’m calling it full-fledged jury duty. Poor Mr. Green was the man sitting to my right.” Read the rest here.

My Breakthrough Moments at #SHRM16

“HR Christmas, that time of year when we all come together from all corners of the globe to celebrate the people of our profession, and the work we do. More than anything, we celebrate old friendships, and making new ones.” Read the rest here.


rio-de-janeiro-809756_1920 CroppedJuly – September

This Election, Mind the Facts

“Sometimes facts are inconvenient to our political preferences. I think that deep down, we all know this. What surprises me, however, is how often we are willing to stay blind to it.” Read the rest here.

3 Lessons People Like Us Can Take Away From the Olympics

“A lot can be learned from watching people at the peak of their profession. The Olympics are uncommon practice in every single way, and there is always something to be learned from the athletes we cheer on.” Read the rest here.

Your Employees Don’t Need A Pep Talk

“Your employees don’t need a pep talk. What they need, are clear expectations and consistent, actionable feedback. Pep talks are easy. Providing expectations and feedback is hard.” Read the rest here.


img_4339October – December

Hope Is Not A Strategy

“I have genuine fears for the safety, well-being, and prosperity of my family and friends.I hope that I’m overthinking it. I hope that in fact, everything will be fine. Hope, however, is not a strategy.” Read the rest here.

Pics of the Month: November 2016

“It was a rough month. It was rough in its own right, but also because October was rough, and 2016 as a whole has been rough on many levels. I have friends and family that are struggling through major life changes, personally and professionally, and most recently, working through the sudden passing of one of our cousins.” Read the rest here

Celebrating The FLSA Rule Delay? Good Luck With That

“Brazenly celebrating the postponement/blocking of the new FLSA rules is exactly why employees don’t feel that HR has their best interests in mind.” Read the rest here.


Wishing you all the best as this year ends, and a new one begins. Have a safe and happy New Year. See you in 2017!

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