Hamburger Helper


This is most definitely not what my real burger looked like.

Today I stopped for a quick lunch on my way to do a presentation at one of our colleges. I needed something quick so I would have plenty of time to prep the room and get ready for my presentation, so I ventured to one of our friendly local hamburger joints.

This was my experience:


Naturally, my instinct was to tweet about it.



I honestly admired the helpful cashier. In spite of whatever crazy set of circumstances led to her doing a quick tech lesson for some random customer, she exhibited what I can only assume is an endless supply of patience.



But then we add another character to the mix…



And then…



Oh my.



It also appears that the helpful cashier is perhaps this particular burger shack’s best employee.



I muddle my way over to her station. I’m the most prepared order placer in all the land at this point. Let’s do this.



Let’s mull this over for a moment.

Mr. Gmail is still off to the side fiddling with his phone. Mr. Complicated Order is still asking questions about the menu like he’s buying a house. The Helpful Cashier is running circles around the other cashiers and employees.

And apparently there’s a lady named Sarah out there who is to blame for losing half her leg in an accident.

Got it.



This is when I started to really write all of this out. I mean, this was crazy right?



She came and bussed my table mere seconds after I had finished! I dropped a napkin in the process and she parkoured her way to it before I could even get up to prevent her from having to make the effort to pick it up!

I finished writing all of this out, while some other random customer was angrily “speaking” with some customer service rep making minimum wage about  FTP protocol or something on HIS cell phone.

What is going on here???

It’s time to go. But first…


Is there some kind of an HR, work related, or life lesson to be gleaned from all of this? No way.

Should there be???

Heck no.

Sometimes life is just weird.


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