Normalize THIS in 2017: Performance Feedback and Accountability


Originally posted on LinkedIn on January 15, 2017:

Performance feedback should be easy to do, provoke a thoughtful conversation, and feel safe for you and the employee. It should provide everyone with opportunities to build on strengths or improve on weaknesses without worrying about how it affects their next raise.

One of the surest ways of getting to that point is to give and receive feedback on a regular basis.

If you’re at all familiar with Franklin Covey’s The 4 Disciplines of Execution, you are aware of the concept of the “cadence of accountability.” Accountability, in this case, is just part of the normal rhythm of work in a specific area. Perhaps more so, accountability IS the rhythm of work. It IS the drumbeat that keeps people moving forward consistently, in the same direction, and with momentum.

It’s not the presence of accountability that creates momentum in this case; it’s the normalized nature of it. It provides opportunities for feedback on a regular basis. It gives managers AND employees the chance to address challenges early on (well before they become unmanageable) along with recognizing and rewarding work well done.

Accountability and performance feedback go hand in hand. One without the other means none of it is done particularly well. 

To read the rest, click here.

Read the full post on LinkedIn to learn why your employees should never have to seek you out in a desperate attempt to learn where they stand and to get resources on normalizing feedback and accountability. 




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