The Month That Was: January 2017

January came and went like the Dallas Cowboy’s playoff hopes and dreams.

There was a LOT going on last month, so let’s get right to it. Here are the posts and pics that made the month of January 2017!

Hamburger Helper

By far the most popular category of posts on this blog are details about the odd, uncomfortable circumstances I seem to encounter on a consistent basis. This particular tale is that of a friendly cashier who went out of her way to help customers, while customers went out of their way to be weird in ways only customers can. Read it here.

11 Miles

In early January I joined a “running challenge” that required me to run 50 miles over the course of two weeks. I was helped tremendously by a fortuitous 11 mile run that I somehow, someway, managed to knock out despite not having run over 6 miles in the last month. I ran at UTSA, where I made loops and zig zags through almost every part of campus in the fog, and through occasional drizzle.

Some Great Opportunity Stands Before You

This post was simply a quote from Dr. Martin Luther King’s Jr.’s sermon, “But if Not”. It spoke to me because he references being 38 years old (which I am), and being called “to stand up for some great principle, some great issue, some great cause“. Read it here.


RESIST, if not for the sake of the policy decisions forthcoming in 2017 and beyond, then for the sake of a society that seems to be turning on itself, more intent on scapegoating whole groups of people than any kind of fact based analysis. Read it here.

Sign Me Up

My eleven mile run led me to believe that I should run the 3M Half Marathon (I mean, what’s two more miles???) the following Sunday. That put me in Austin on Saturday afternoon and I got to take in parts of the Women’s March. These were signs that people were leaving on the capitol grounds, I suppose, when they were done for the day.

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Diversity is our STRENGTH.

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Wind In My Hair

Just kidding, I have no hair! But seriously folks, the 3M Half Marathon was amazing, fun, incredibly well organized, and WINDY! I wrote about it here if you want more “run nerd” details and want to see more pictures. This particular picture was a “burst” I took that got interrupted by the greatest, most powerful gust in America.


I get out and walk regularly at work, most often along the Riverwalk. It helps me clear my mind, and honestly, I’m a better employee for it because I almost always come back with better ideas, a refreshed perspective and a renewed sense of urgency. This picture just happened to come together at just the right time of day, when the sun was at just the right angle, and when I was in just the right mood to stop and snap it.

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Well Ain’t That Rand?

I still work out of Geekdom, housed in the Rand Building from time to time. I still have this dream that I will start my own business, grow it, and later become president of the United States in spite of my clear and utter lack of experience. Too soon?

On the same day I took the picture above, the sun set at just the right angle and I was in just the right parking space at the Rand Building to capture it.

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Sunset, downtown San Anto.

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Busy Isn’t Better

I wrote this post out of a simple frustration born of a poorly timed case of writer’s block. It took approximately 15 minutes to write, and for some unknown reason, it is my most read post of 2017 (and on pace to claim that title for the whole YEAR). Sometimes I don’t understand blogging.

Oh, and stop multitasking. Read it here.

Peace, Love, and Conchas

I’ve made a commitment to resisting hate. You know this because I’ve written about it on this blog. So when immigration restrictions to seven Muslim nations were enacted by executive order, and a Mosque was burned down just a few hours later in south Texas, I chose to buy pan dulce and take it to the Islamic Center of San Antonio.

I felt helpless. I didn’t know what to do, except to get out of my comfort zone, talk to people I’d never met, express my hope that things will get better, and offer up some conchas.

I don’t share these moments to brag, nor is that the point of any future posts of this nature. I share them to demonstrate that all our thoughts, prayers, and hopes for a better world mean nothing without action, even, perhaps especially, small actions like this.

I believe this, and I will continue to live this.

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