No Filter Friday

It’s No Filter Friday!

A few years ago I used to joke with a few trusted colleagues that Fridays were “No Filter Fridays”.

It wasn’t an invitation to be rude or do anything out of line, it was just an opportunity to stop withholding some of our thoughts about the work we were doing.

Often these informal conversations resulted in insights that we would have never discovered had we not “loosened the reigns” a little. I recall conversations that began similarly to the following:

“You know, I have to be honest, I don’t think this project is going anywhere. I just have a feeling it’s stuck and there isn’t much interest in saving it”

“Man, I wish there was a way to push past some of the indifference we are getting in this area. This is a GREAT idea, I’m just frustrated with all the effort it’s taking.”

“Let’s stop debating and get to work! We’re overthinking it!”

It was fantastic to get some of these thoughts out in the open, but more so, it was fantastic to see people step up to help. Whether it was a perspective that was shared by the group but never communicated or a new perspective that warranted further investigation, “No Filter Friday” consistently led to a healthy response.

People who had the courage to share were met with people who had the courage to help clear the path.

People who had the smarts to see a better way were met with people who had the smarts to let them lead the way.

People who needed to vent were met with people who listened without judging.

It’s not a tactic for everyone, and definitely not a tactic for every organization or team (there was a reason we did it in small groups), but it works.

Get past fear, posturing, politics, and the past.

Get those viewpoints out in the open. Pay attention to that idea. Perspectives do no good if they are locked away in people’s heads because they think it’s unsafe to share.

TODAY is No Filter Friday.

Don’t you want to know what’s on people’s minds???


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