The Month That Was: February 2017

Here are the pics, posts, and tweets that made the month of February!

Sometimes Correlation IS Causation

Just an observation…

AirBNB Superbowl Commercial

AirBNB had a GREAT commercial called “We Accept” during the Super Bowl. I mean, if you’re into acceptance and all that pre-January 20, 2017 stuff, you thought it was great. Otherwise it pissed you off. And if it pissed you off, why are you reading this blog?

Here’s the commercial:

Bad HR Vendor Emails

I once went to a regional HR conference in north Texas where I saw a speaker on his way to do his presentation. He was dressed as a ninja. I can only assume his message was “be an HR ninja”, “Ninja your way to a seat at the table”, “Millenials can’t be ninjas because I said so”, or some other craziness. I didn’t attend the session so I couldn’t tell you. But I thought we got past all that nonsense in 2011. Apparently not.

Coach em up Y’all

I didn’t know what to expect when my boss told me that we were going to a workshop to learn about a coaching model. I’m always up for learning, but I was a bit skeptical when we all piled into my car and drove to Austin.

I loved it. It was one of those “I wish I had this ages ago” sessions, and I’m hoping we have the opportunity to share it with our employees.

Oh, and the view from the training room was AWESOME.

Think Individuals, Not Generations

Generational assumptions are a failure to understand the individual.The second you assume that all Millennials are this or that, or that Generation X prefers this type of work to another (and so on and so forth), you will be confronted by someone who contradicts that assumption.

Read the rest here.

Feed Me Souls

I took my glorious plant back to the office in February. It spent a bit over a month at home because of the Christmas break and lots of forgetfulness. I love this picture because it looks like my work area is absolutely spotless and because I responded to a friend in the comments with the following:

“It feasts on souls, not sunlight and water”

I still think that’s hilarious.

We Still Don’t Know How to Do This

This is self-explanatory. No one wants to hear your bleeps and bloops every time you swipe or tap. You don’t have to take calls on speakerphone, it doesn’t prove anything. Also, dang kids and their rock and roll!

Employee Engagement: Action, Not Words

Posters and pep talks last mere moments. Consistent action that backs up what is said on those posters and in those pep talks lasts a lifetime. Your employees are smart, and they already know your organization’s mission, vision, and values. They know your intent.

Read the rest here.

Endless Summer

There was one day in February where it was so hot I had to turn on the MAX AC setting in my car. It made me wonder why there was any other AC setting. Why would anyone in Texas ever want it at anything but MAX? Anyway, the fact that I was wondering about this in February made me sweat. Literally.

But it’s fine. Everything is fine.

Who are you calling FRESH???

LinkedIn finally noticed that they hadn’t upgraded my account to the new layout. I had heard bad things about it, but it hasn’t been that bad. In fact, I kind of like it!

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Noooooooooooooo! They got me!!!

A post shared by Carlos Escobar (@cescobar78) on

Metrics That Matter: Pancakes and 5Ks

It’s easy to get wrapped up in metrics. Do any kind of google search on the topic and you’ll find enough articles on metrics and big data to make your head spin. The hard part is figuring out what matters and having the courage to stick with it.

Read the rest here.

That’s a wrap for February!

Bring on March! That’s right, MARCH.

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