Music: I Give You Power, by Arcade Fire

On January 19 Arcade Fire released their single “I Give You Power”.

The band’s message on Twitter was simple:

I’ve been a fan of Arcade Fire for a long time, especially their early work. I’m glad to see them releasing new music, and I’m looking forward to their first new album (to be released sometime this year) in four years.

The timing, twitter message, and lyrics all point to this being released as a protest song.

Personally,  I think some of the BEST music out there is protest music. There’s something about calling out injustice or bringing light to issues kept in the dark that has sticking power. It doesn’t always play nice, and it doesn’t always sit well with everyone, but that’s the point.

The lyrics are straight forward. Here is a sample:

“I give you power 
Where do you think it all comes from? huh?
Who gives you power? 
Where do you think it all comes from?
I give you power

I can take it all away
Watch me” 

Not to worry.

One generation’s protest music is another generation’s oldies.

That’s just how it works.

Give it a listen: 

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