Overcoming Inertia

I’m on Spring Break this week.

This means I’m free from work, and while that seems like a GREAT thing (really, it is), I’m also bound by the tendency to let chunks of time like this slip by. Sure, rest and revitalization are crucial to making the most of time off, but so is planning, preparation, and relationship building.

You know, Q2 stuff.

That has me downtown at Geekdom writing this post because I absolutely know that I wouldn’t do so at home.

Here are my goals for the week:

And the biggie…

  • Work on my business.

Nope, that’s not a metaphor.

I’ve had, in theory, a small business on the books for ages and as recently as last year brought a renewed effort to the cause. But the whirlwind of life and simple personal inertia poured cold water on my plans and ideas.

Inertia is one hell of a thing to overcome.

And I know, perhaps now more than ever, that it must be done.



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  1. […] from finishing Liz Ryan’s book (which I’ll finish soon) I did everything I set out to do this week, and then […]


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