Work Done, and Work to Be Done

I’m at the point in Spring Break where I’m doing everything I can to stretch this thing out.

In just one and a half days I’ll be back in the office and back to my regular routine.

It’s been a good week off.

Today I completed my fifth yoga class in six days (with an eye on my sixth on Monday), I’ve spent plenty of time cleaning and getting rid of junk, and I’m working on a few ideas for organizing an event at the San Antonio Food Bank as a sort of counter programming to Donald Trump’s proposed cuts to programs that hurt people who are most vulnerable.

I also tinkered with an idea or two for a small business, specifically in the area of small business coaching. More on that later.

Aside from finishing Liz Ryan’s book (which I’ll finish soon) I did everything I set out to do this week, and then some.

I even managed to spend time thinking through a plan to ramp things up in the areas of my personal and professional branding. Thanks to Dorie Clark’s  article, “What You Need to Stand Out in a Noisy World” and related evaluation, I have come to realize I need a lot of improvement.

There is still a lot work to be done in this area if I am to truly live and work to my strengths. Therein lies the value of a neutral assessment.

And maybe it’s just me, but “work to be done” sounds like a lot of fun.

One thought

  1. Sounds purposeful! I know it was so hard to return after I took of two weeks and have pretty much been working 10-12 hour days to catch up. Enjoy the time off!


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