Music: 8 (Circle), by Bon Iver

In October I wrote a bit about Bon Iver’s new album, “22, A Million”.

The album quickly became a favorite, and I’ve come to enjoy it even more over time.

A few months in, I think I’ve settled on “8 (Circle)” being my favorite track. It plays like much of the album, that is, it’s hard to be sure exactly what’s going on, and that makes it easy to draw your own conclusions about the music.

It’s likable, but hard to know why. It sounds GREAT, but unconventionally.

It’s not for everyone:

Even the video feels more like something you’d see in a darkened room at the Museum of Modern Art, where everyone¬†pauses, nods, and pretends to see what they’re supposed to see in some repeating film before they move on.

The lyrics help make sense of things a bit, but even so, there’s a bit of mystery here that goes unsolved.¬†It’s one of those things you kind of get, but can’t be too sure if you’re right about what exactly you get.

Either way, I think it’s a good listen.

Give it a shot:
Email subscribers, click here to watch.

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