The Soul Crushing Cost of Doing Things at the Last Minute

There is a steep price to be paid for doing things at the last minute.

That price is most often paid by the people who make the good time and effort to plan and prepare for the days and weeks ahead.

I know, you’re just too busy to make time for planning and all that “in a perfect world” stuff!

But whether you’re too busy, too tired, too overwhelmed, or just too annoyed to deal with it, there is a price to be paid for not planning.

You may not see it or feel it immediately; perhaps even, you have a fantastic team that rises to the occasion to overcome long odds on a consistent basis. But over time, doing things at the last minute exacts a toll on you and the people around you.

It manifests itself in private frustrations, where the people affected grin and bear it because they have no other choice. It creeps into daily life when people stop bringing ideas to the table, after all, they will just be washed away in the chaos of things left unplanned. It works its way into the very soul of your team, when the only thing they can plan around, is the fact that they can’t plan around anything.

If you want your team to succeed beyond creating, doing, and fixing things on the fly, you need to invest a bit of time in planning and clearing the path so that your team can do the same.

Otherwise, it’s just work at all costs. And that’s a recipe for poor morale, poor customer service, high turnover, and a reputation that stinks.

You don’t have to wait for things to be perfect, you just need to start. All it takes is 20-30 minutes at the start of your week. It’s a small step, but your team’s success depends on it.

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