Pics of the Month: April 2017

It’s May!

Which means it’s no longer “gonna be May”, which oddly enough, is a meme I had to look up to understand.

But let’s not get bogged down in memes and whatnot.

Here are the pictures that tangentially tell the tale of April 2017:

El Arbol

There is an amazing tree along the riverwalk near my office. It’s right next to a bridge, so you can see the tree’s canopy up close or from below (sidewalk level). Apparently admiring trees is something that runs in the family, and if it to be so, I’ll pick this tree as one of my favorites.


Prickly Pear Parking

One morning I trekked out to Northwest Vista College to talk with the IT team about our new performance review system. I got there incredibly early to avoid traffic and the usual campus craziness I stumble my way into.

Alas, it was Friday, so the campus was EMPTY and I ended up having tons of time on my hands. So I walked around a bit, and got juuuuuust the right picture of the Prickly Pear Parking Garage.


Storms Brewing

At work, when storms are a brewin’, a bunch of us mindlessly wander outside to see what’s cooking. I think it’s because we work in a dated, windowless, colorless, soulless building, which causes us to CRAVE the outside world.

But that’s okay, we’re getting a new building soon! When that happens we’ll all avoid nature as much as possible like the rest of humanity. Hurray???

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Storms brewing

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In the last two months, two of my cousins got married. At the most recent, I was seated at a table of people I didn’t know and had to download social skills for use throughout dinner. No worries, because it also just so happened to put me in the perfect spot to catch this picture of Art and Danelle’s first dance.

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Art and Danelle #MoraWedding

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Fiesta y’all

Every spring, San Antonio parties with a purpose, and people decorate their homes to celebrate.

This was as close as I got to Fiesta this year. It’s a yard that houses a super hyper boxer puppy (that I swear one day is going to jump the fence) and a house with what looks like the most comfortable porch in America.

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Fiesta y'all.

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Now, on to May.



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