All That Could Be, and “ALL IN” at #SHRM17

Most of the year we focus on all that is. We are obsessed with the present, perhaps even with all that ISN’T. Every so often, however, we get to shift our attention to all that COULD BE, perhaps even, what we are capable of if we go ALL IN.

For me and thousands of like-minded HR professionals, the SHRM Annual Conference presents such an opportunity.

Everyone should look potential in the eye from time to time.

Coming face to face with the innovative work that people and organizations are doing is a humbling experience. It reminds us that we should question the structural and personal constraints that keep us from doing the things we’ve always wanted to do. It gives us permission to question the things that no one seems to question anymore out of a fear of the uncomfortable, or a fear of the unknown.

Learning what is possible and somehow wrapping your mind around it is an exercise everyone should take on. Doing so forces us to grow. It creates an uncomfortable tension between what IS and what COULD BE, and perhaps most importantly, it forces a choice:

Accept things the way they are, or be a force for change.

If it is to be the latter, there is only one way to go about it.

Focus on all that could be.

And go ALL IN.


If you will be at the SHRM Annual Conference, I'd love to meet you ! Use the icons in the upper right corner of this page to connect on LinkedIn, Instagram or Twitter, or contact me here.


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