Pics of the Month: May 2017

Here are the pictures that tangentially tell the tale of May 2017:

Walking Season

I’m sharing this mainly to declare the end of walking season in San Antonio. For the next 4- 6 months it will be too hot to walk after 9 am and for more than 7 minutes at any given time. This picture is from one of my last comfortable, amazingly beautiful walks along the riverwalk until fall.

From today's lunchtime walk.

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Los eSpurs

This little repost took place on the day of game two in the second round of the playoffs against the Rockets. The Spurs had just lost their first game of the series and were set to play the second. Lighting a candle, in this case, was for luck getting back on track. The Spurs WON the series by Spursing more than they had Spursed perhaps all season, but luck ran out in the next round against Zaza and the Warriors.


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On Quack

These ducks showed up in our parking lot at work one day, and people started feeding them (this is why we can’t have nice things). Our office is a few blocks from the San Antonio river, so it made sense that they might wander over from time to time, but giving them food screwed up the incentive to go back. So they hung around like they owned the place for a few days, then disappeared as randomly as they appeared!


The River Guadalupe

At work, a handful of us got to go to a workshop to maintain our facilitation certifications in New Braunfels. The content was great as usual, but the view just outside the hotel was AMAZING.

The Guadalupe River, New Braunfels TX.

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Team Concha!

Every so often the stars align and every single member of Team Concha comes together to talk HR Nerd things, catch up, and laugh at the craziness of work and life. I’m lucky to have mentors and friends that make me a better person, and better at what I do. These folks are no exception. But taking a selfie, apparently, is a bit of a struggle!

Team Concha!

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There is an HEB a few blocks from our office. I walk to it (when the weather is acceptable) to get coffee or lunch often. When I do so, I walk past this exterior artwork and the ivy that is growing around it. Slowly, but surely, it’s claiming the wall.

The vines are a growin' at SoFlo Market!

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That’s it for May!

June brings the SHRM Annual Conference and related activities. Bring it on!



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