How to Find Your Tribe at #SHRM17

Sure, the sessions at the SHRM Annual Conference are amazing, but the value of the conference is in its people. If you skimp on this you are missing out on one the conference’s most lasting impacts.

“Finding your Tribe” means finding the people who will be more than a connection on LinkedIn. It means finding and building relationships that are meaningful.

It takes work, but it’s well worth it.

Remember, the SHRM Annual Conference is really just three days long. That’s a half day on Sunday, two full days (Monday, Tuesday) and another half day Wednesday. Get yourself out and about and meet people. There will be plenty of time to rest when you get back!

So how do you do it???

Here is advice for “Finding Your Tribe” from some of the amazing people I am lucky enough to call friends and members of MY TRIBE.

How to Find Your Tribe at #SHRM17:


Stephanie Winterquist, SHRM-CP, PHR

“You can’t be afraid to put yourself out there – even in large groups such as at #SHRM17. Don’t sit far away from the others in sessions. Strike up a conversation in line for your oh-so-tasty box lunch; do whatever it takes to get that interaction going. You’ll find your tribe.”

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Julie A Doyle, SHRM-SCP, SPHR

“Meet and mingle! Introduce yourself at sessions or in the exhibitor hall, don’t be shy. Go to social events and make a meaningful connection that can grow into great friendships that last. Finding “my tribe” has made an amazing impact on my personal and professional life!”

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John Friend, SHRM-CP, PHR

“The old cliché of stepping out of your comfort zone rings true here. Make you own opportunities to connect with people. You can meet people anywhere and everywhere like the elevator, walking around the convention hall or walking around town. Smile, say “Hiiii” and see where the conversation goes.”

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Rebecca Briley, SHRM-SCP

“To find your tribe at #SHRM17, use your mobile device and wear matching shirts. Plan your day and share this information with your tribe. Stay together when navigating NOLA and keep on the main streets for safety purposes. Invite more to join your tribe and ENJOY your adventure!”

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Amber Unser, SHRM-SCP, SPHR

“As an introvert, I know how challenging it can be to branch out and purposefully expand your network, but as an HR professional, it is one of the most important things you can do for yourself, and your career. My Tribe connections have helped me grow (both personally and professionally) in more ways that I could even begin to count. They provide advice, endless encouragement, and make me laugh when I need it most. They are always there to support me…these are my people. Don’t be afraid to find your people at #SHRM17 — I promise you will be glad you did!”

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Erin M. Stevens, SHRM-CP, PHR

“Say Yes to what you can. Don’t be that person who runs back to their hotel room because they are tired. Push thru it and say YES! Yes to extra dinners, networking, and invites! Let the networking commence! Introduce yourself, ask others where they work, what brought them to National? Share a drink! Recommend a restaurant! Once you find someone you “click with,” stay in touch! Making friends/colleagues you can call on to share ideas or even just “let it go” with is invaluable. Almost like free therapy! Enjoy!”

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Tiffany Kuehl, SHRM-CP

“To find your tribe at #SHRM17 you should prepare yourself with a game plan. Determine one or two things you want to gain as a result of attending the SHRM Annual Conference and make sure that includes meeting and connecting with others that can help you achieve your conference, and personal development goals. Bring your business cards, download the conference app, and get yourself set to build your network. I’ve met many great people through SHRM. Several of these people have become dear friends and trusted colleagues – My Tribe! You will find yourself connecting about business issues, supporting each other through cases of “The Mondays”, and celebrating all kinds of awesomeness. Go forth and find your tribe! You will never regret it.”

Connect with Tiffany:    LinkedIn     Twitter

Be on the lookout for the amazing people listed above at #SHRM17, and be sure to connect with them on LinkedIn and Twitter!

See you there!

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