SHRM Annual Conference: On My Way!

Happy #SHRM17!

I’m on my way to New Orleans for the SHRM Annual Conference!

Technically, #HRChristmas doesn’t start until Sunday, but let’s not overthink the details. In a few short hours, I’ll be in New Orleans for the first time, eager to see the city and get ready for what looks to be an amazing conference.

As always, there is a lot to look forward to at the SHRM Annual Conference, and as always, I plan to share my notes, thoughts, and perspectives on this blog.

Throughout the conference, I will also be live tweeting keynote sessions, the good stuff I hear in concurrent sessions, and the fun that transpires when 15,000 HR nerds come together.

If you’re really interested in all things #SHRM17 in the meantime, follow me on twitter and check out the #SHRM17 hashtag to see what thousands of HR professionals are saying about it!

Last, in case you somehow aren’t fired up about all of this, here is Fats Domino’s “Walking to New Orleans” set to some of New Orleans’ most famous landmarks.


Walking to New Orleans: Fats Domino


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