Pics of the Month: June 2017

The big story of June was without a doubt, the SHRM Annual Conference.

As such, the pictures that tangentially tell the tale of the month of June are all about New Orleans, the conference, and a quick trip to Baton Rouge.

El Tribu

Our first day in New Orleans meant catching up with friends from all over the country and missing the folks who couldn’t make it this year. Though not everyone had arrived at this point, this is one of my favorite pictures because it captures the joy of an afternoon full of long awaited reunions.

My Tribe. Well, most of them! #SHRM17

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Welcome to New Orleans

I love when SHRM infuses local flavor into their program. The opening session was kicked off with an extended rendition of “When the Saints Go Marching In” and an introduction to New Orleans by Irvin Mayfield.

Irvin Mayfield: Welcome to New Orleans. #SHRM17

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Mr. Browne

I met Steve Browne in 2012. I bring this up as evidence of the fact that in the five years I’ve known him, he has proven to live and breathe everything he professes in his conference sessions, and everything he talks about in his new book, HR on Purpose.

He’s about as genuine as it gets.

That’s why I was proud to purchase his book at the SHRM Bookstore, and proud to encourage others to do so.

Mostly, however, I’m proud to call him a friend.

First item on my #SHRM17 agenda complete: Get @sbrownehr's book!

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NOLA Skies

Monday evening in New Orleans was our last of reliably clear skies. By that evening, when this picture was taken, tropical storm warnings were already in effect and we knew beyond a doubt that the weather would be changing significantly in the next few hours.

That led to great skies, and a great opportunity to take a picture like this at a networking event at day’s end.


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At that same networking event, dusk offered great views of downtown New Orleans as lights turned on across the city.

Later that same evening, we happened upon The Spotted Cat Music Club on Frenchman Street, which as it turns out, is more of my scene than Bourbon Street ever will be.

The Spotted Cat Music Club. #SHRM17

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And it’s a good thing we did, because the remainder of our time in New Orleans looked pretty much like this.



Pre Cindy, I managed to get a picture of a memorial dedicated to the victims of Hurricane Katrina. This was located across from the Convention Center, and each day I walked past it, it served as a reminder of what played out in that area just twelve years ago.


Geaux Tigers

When the conference ended, a few of us traveled to Baton Rouge. We rested, ate exquisitely, played board games, and managed to take in a few sights between crazy rain showers and storms.

On one such excursion we ventured out to the LSU campus.

Tiger Stadium y'all.

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We took turns taking pictures with Mike

Tiger noogie

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And got to take in some of the amazing sights on campus…


Shaquille O'Neal statue

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That’s it for June!

In July I’m looking forward to getting over my #SHRM17 induced introvert hangover, a long 4th of July weekend, and all sorts of newness!

Until next time…



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