Music: Call it Dreaming, by Iron & Wine

As much as I write about music that is full bodied, layered and music that should be played loud, there is a lot to be appreciated in a quiet, thought provoking song like “Call it Dreaming” by Iron & Wine.

The first song off their soon to be released album, Beast Epic, “Call it Dreaming” evokes a live and let live feel that in my opinion, plays well on lazy summer evenings when things just feel right. It’s about an abundance mindset.

Inc Magazine: “In life, we can choose between viewing the world as abundant or limited in terms of love, relationships, wealth and resources.”

This song clearly emphasizes the former.

Check it Out:

Say it’s here where our pieces fall in place, We can fear ’cause the feeling’s fine to betray. Where our water isn’t hidden, We can burn and be forgiven, Where our hands hurt from healing, We can laugh without a reason.

– Iron & Wine, Call it Dreaming

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