Pics of the Month: July 2017

You can tell I spent the month of July hiding from the heat, napping, watching mindless TV and doing a whole lot of nothing.

Let’s just call it a case of the summer lazies. Don’t judge.

Here are the pics that tangentially tell the tale of an incredibly lazy, do nothing (but I enjoyed it anyway), month of July.

A Bridge Too Far (Not Really)

This bridge is along my normal walking route near work. I think it caught my attention purely because my walks have been limited so much due to the heat (no one likes a sweaty human in the office). This was my turnaround point one morning, and I remembered that I hadn’t posted a picture in a while so I stopped for five seconds to do so. I know,¬†what a great story!

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Arsenal Street bridge.

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Walk, Bloom, Repeat

On a morning when I was feeling particularly brave, I ventured further down the Riverwalk despite crippling humidity and every comfort seeking instinct I had. I paused when I got to these flowers blooming near the banks of the San Antonio River. It felt familiar as if this wasn’t the first time I’d observed the exact same plant in the exact same spot under nearly exactly the same conditions. I was right. Oy.

Wired for Unsound

In the year 2017, the month of July I cast off the shackles of a wired keyboard and mouse after seven years at work. I didn’t realize how much it would change my little oddly shaped cubicle¬†world. Also, you can tell I was reading an article about unsuccessful projects and whether executives contribute to the problem. Meh.

That’s it!

In August I’m looking forward to normal work weeks, ever so slightly cooler days, returning to a semi consistent workout regime, family in town, and all kinds of other fun things. Hopefully, I’ll have pictures to share!

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