5 Reads: The Problem With Being a Top Performer, How to Say No to Things You Want to Do, and More.

Let’s get right to it.

Here are five articles that have me thinking…

The Problem with Being a Top Performer

Francesca Gino. Scientific American

Key Quote: “New research demonstrates that performing at high levels can also come with some heavy costs: It can make our peers resent us and try to undermine our good work. And there’s more: the “social penalty” that star performers suffer is actually higher in more collaborative workplaces.” Read the rest here

Work from home people earn more, quit less, and are happier than their office-bound counterparts

Shana Lynch. Quartz

Key Quote: “Stanford Graduate School of Business professor Nicholas Bloom says requiring employees to be in the office is an outdated work tradition, set up during the Industrial Revolution. Such inflexibility ignores today’s sophisticated communications methods and long commutes, and actually hurts firms and employees.” Read the rest here

The Org. Is Your Product. The People Are Your Customers. Design Their Journey.

Gabe Kleinman. World Positive

Key Quote: “How you treat and communicate with candidates has ramifications not only for the prospective employee, but for your performance as a business given the convergence of consumer and employment brands. Handle your candidates like potential customers.” Read the rest here

How to Say No to Things You Want to Do

Dorie Clark. Harvard Business Review

Key Quote: “It’s extraordinarily painful to say no to wonderful opportunities that you would very much like to do…except for the fact that they’re not the priorities you intentionally set.” Read the rest here

5 Things We Learned from the F*cking Best Self-Help Book We’ve Read in Forever

Sarah Stiefvater. Pure Wow

Key Quote: “The book’s title is a bit misleading in that Manson isn’t saying you shouldn’t give a f*ck about anything. What you should do is pick and choose what you give a f*ck about, based on your priorities and values.” Read the rest here

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