HR, Engagement, and Leading By Example

Employee engagement is in part the difference between an employee’s potential and the reality they live at work.

The greater the gap, the greater the likelihood that an employee becomes disengaged.


Everyone wants to live and work to their potential, or at least have a fair shot at doing so. When the gap between who a person is, and who they are asked to be (what they do) at work is perceived to be insurmountable, it’s almost impossible to maintain hope.

When people lose hope, they stop being their best.

That’s why it’s crucial that human resources lead the way in creating an environment where people can thrive.

We need to get beyond leadership tips and tricks and get to principles that affirm the humanity of our employees. We need to provide resources, coaching, and support so that everyone in the organization knows that it is their responsibility to bring out the best in their employees.

Most of all, we need to lead by example.

It’s always safer to manage people so that they fit in nice, neat job descriptions, but we’re missing out.

HR should encourage and reinforce leading people in a way that empowers employees to bring their whole self to work. It might be messy, it might be more work, but investing in human potential is ALWAYS worthwhile.

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