Music: Holding On, by The War on Drugs

YouTube has perfected the feed.

I know this because when it comes time to find new and unique music to listen to it magically has suggestions that are spot on for me. Also, I read a nerdy little article about it.

Other than the extraordinarily expensive and failed initiative of the 80′s, I knew nothing about The War on Drugs. But YouTube got it right when it suggested “Holding On”.

The song feels like a rebirth of the 80’s, a mix of perhaps Don Henley and the E Street Band (as does most of The War on Drugs’ work), and that’s part of what makes this music feel special, familiar even. It brings back memories, even though it’s new.

As for the video? Well, it’s perfect.
And it will make you cry.

As one YouTube commenter put it:

“It says something about this cultural moment that the sincerity depicted in this video feels cutting edge.” Nathen Toben

Check it out:

“Aint no way I’m gonna last. Hiding in the seems I can’t move past. Feel like I’m about to crash, riding on my line, keep keeping on” – The War on Drugs

Email subscribers, click here to listen.



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