Let the HUMAN In

Over the last three weeks, I attended the San Antonio ATD Chapter LEAPS Conference, the first ever Texas Change Management Conference, and ATD’s Core 4 Conference.

At each conference, and in almost every session I met fantastic people. Whether it was through formal networking, pre-conference tweets, or random lunchtime conversation, it was the PEOPLE who made each of these events special.

I learned great things from each, but what has stuck with me is an assertion made by Shannon Tipton in her session on microlearning at the ATD Core 4 Conference.

In what could have been a heavily technical session on the how’s and what’s of microlearning, she took time to remind us all that it is HUMANS that make what we do possible. It is HUMANS that make the work we do so important.


  • If your internal search engine doesn’t work like Google, your humans will be frustrated!
  • If your documents don’t work like a PDF, your humans will be frustrated!

I immediately made connections to the larger topic of employee engagement:

  • If your organization doesn’t make the most of its employee’s strengths, your HUMANS will be frustrated!
  • If employees feel like they have to change to fit in at work, your HUMANS will be frustrated!
  • If work feels like it gets in the way of life, your HUMANS will be frustrated!

We can no longer afford to keep the humanity of our people at bay because it’s easier for managers, supervisors or HR. We can’t assume people will continue to bring their best to the table every day in organizations that don’t value them as HUMANS first.

It’s time for us to let the human in.

“At the end of the day, we count on people. Not processes, not procedures, not strategies. PEOPLE.” – Shannon Tipton





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