Pics of the Month: September 2017

September slipped past me in a lot of ways.

So much so that I not only neglected my Instagram account, I completely forgot to share what I neglected on this blog.

Eh, it happens.

Here are the three pictures that somewhat tell the tale of my September.

Leaning Tree

I walk past this tree few times a week en route to my mid-morning coffee run at HEB. I’ve tried several times to capture how this tree seems to “reach out”, but it never comes out quite right on my old iPhone. Either way, it’s a sight to see in person.

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The leaning tree of South Flores Street.

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I usually get to work fairly early. One day I decided I’d go for a walk in lieu of getting a head start on our day to day chaos, and I loved it. I loved it so much I posted about it, and then went back to my normal routine the next day. Like I said, eh, it happens.

But I DID manage to get this cool picture of the Pioneer Mill near our office. Hurray!

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This morning's reflection. Literally.

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Alamo Dome

UTSA had its first (and Harvey delayed) home game in mid-September, and we were treated to a few of the Alamo Dome’s offseason upgrades. They included upgraded lighting in the stadium, new video screens, new sound system, wider concourses and general upgrades to facilities, and the same old long lines for slightly different overpriced food. Hurray!

Fear the beak y’all.

That’s it for September. In October I’m looking forward to cooler weather (maybe, perhaps), travel, and hopefully a few more pics to tell the tale.



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