LinkedIn: Vacation as an Innovation (and Conversation) Starter


My latest post on LinkedIn is the product of an activity I did last week at work at our annual Employee Development Day. It was the first time in my 7+ years addressing “the big crowd” of 400, and my activity involved people submitting ideas for improving the employee experience.

This post is a derivative of that activity, specifically the warm up work I had the group perform where they talked about what they’d do if they were suddenly gifted a 7 day, all expenses paid vacation.

It all comes together in a way that makes sense, I promise.

Check it out: 


Vacation as an Innovation (and Conversation) Starter

Carlos Escobar. LinkedIn. October 29, 2017. 

Ideas need the opportunity to bump into other ideas. They need to be coupled with similar and dissenting approaches to be improved and completed.

This isn’t new. Ideas have been bumping into each other for ages, as detailed in Steven Johnson’s book Where Good Ideas Come From: The Natural History of Innovation. What plays a significant role in ideas being successful or being seen through to completion, is the opportunity to have them improved or completed with the input of other people.

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Be sure to read the entire post on LinkedIn along with other posts on work, HR, and talent development!


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