Pics of the Month: October 2017

Here are the pics that tangentially tell the tale of October 2017!

Tailgate Y’all

UTSA Football season is in full swing, and tailgating is once again a fairly normal routine on Saturdays. Birds Up!


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Wind on the River

My favorite part of this shot is that the river is still, which allows you to see ripples created by a gentle breeze on its surface, in essence, visualizing the wind.

A Challenge

A coworker “challenged me” to take 7 days of black and white photos and share them on Instagram. This came out particularly well. Stains on concrete were enhanced by black and white, and a brown directional sign suddenly looks like it found its place.

7 days of black and white photos something something challenge. Day 1.

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Just Say No

Even vending machine snacks look better in black and white.

Day 2: Just Say NO.

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Los Spurs

The San Antonio Spurs’ season started on the last day of the “challenge”, so I made sure to celebrate by sharing this picture of a mural near our office. It’s got a skeleton coming out of a manhole wearing a Tim Duncan Jersey, a logo wrapped around a brain, an eyeball that I don’t understand, and who knows what else???

Day7: Happy Spurs Day! #GoSpursGo

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Frost Tower

There’s a new “skyscraper” going up downtown for the first time in ages. In my mind, I think it’d be a great idea to take pictures of it as it gets built. In my mind, I also think it’d be great to do so from different angles and in different conditions. In reality, however, I know this will be much harder than it seems to put into practice. We shall see.

From yesterday: Frost Tower Begins

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Rio de San Anto

And finally, another picture from one of my many walks along the River Walk near our office. This one is from an early morning stroll before most people even have their first cup of coffee.

Buenos días río de San Anto.

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That’s it for October!

In November I’m looking forward to travel, even more tailgating, the escalation of basketball season on all fronts, Thanksgiving time off, and more!


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  1. I like the B/W photo idea… May have to try that myself.


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