5 Reads: Mediocrity, Collaboration, Time, Happiness and More.

Here are five articles that have me thinking…

‘Collaboration’ Creates Mediocrity, Not Excellence, According to Science

Geoffrey James. Fast Company

Key quote: “Rather than improving their own performance, mediocre employees socially isolate top performers, spread nasty rumors about them, and either sabotage, or attempt to steal credit for, the top performers’ work. As the study put it: “Cooperative contexts proved socially disadvantageous for high performers.” Read the rest here.

Why incompetent people often think they’re actually the best

German Lopez. Vox

Key Quote: ““The result is that people, whether they’re inept or highly skilled, are often caught in a bubble of inaccurate self-perception,” Addison explained. “When they’re unskilled, they can’t see their own faults. When they’re exceptionally competent, they don’t perceive how unusual their abilities are.” Read the rest here.

To Promote Happiness, Choose Time Over Money

Ashley Williams and Elizabeth Dunn. Behavioral Scientist

Key Quote: “People who report frequent feelings of time scarcity are less happy and more prone to anxiety and depression than people who report feeling time affluent. Public health researchers have ranked time stress as one of the most important social trends underlying rising rates of obesity.” Read the rest here.

How To Deal With A Passive-Aggressive Coworker

Stephanie Vozza. Fast Company

Key Quote: “We all know that person who uses sarcasm, snide remarks, and stalling tactics to vent their anger. It can seem childish and sometimes frustrating, but it can also be damaging to your career if the passive-aggressive person is a coworker whose actions are directed toward you.” Read the rest here.

How the Shalane Flanagan Effect Works

Lindsay Crouse. The New York Times

Key Quote: “She is extraordinarily competitive, but not petty; team-oriented, but not deferential. Elevating other women is actually an act of self-interest: It’s not so lonely at the top if you bring others along. So, it was no coincidence that, with the support system she spent years building for herself, it was Flanagan who finally prevailed.” Read the rest here.



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