Christmas, Blogging, and Inside Baseball

It’s time to get this blog back on track.

Yeah, I know it’s Christmas, but I have a great big chunk of time off on my hands and there’s no time like the present (< —– see what I did there???) to write a few blog posts about this, that, and the other.

So this post is all about inside baseball.

Inside baseball, at least in the context of this blog, is one of my least favorite topics. I don’t think it’s good writing to write about the minutiae of writing. I don’t think it’s good practice to talk about how I need to get this blog back on track, and how this particular post is the first step in doing so. I don’t think anyone wants to read any of that.

And yet here I am.

Inside baseball is a crutch. It’s what I use to get unstuck because when you’re stuck there’s no easier topic to go on and on about than the very fact that you are stuck.

How do I sleep at night? You be the judge.

Late last night as I tossed and turned (holiday break insomnia) I stumbled upon this little tweet, and I think it’s a healthy perspective on the type of writing I do here.

It brought me back to the table this morning. It got me to throw 200 or so words together in an arrangement that might make sense to someone somewhere. Or it might not. And that’s okay.

I’m just not gonna lose any more sleep over it, literally and metaphorically.

And if telling you all about it on this blog isn’t inside baseball, I don’t know what is.



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