Pics of the Month: December 2017

Welcome to 2018!

First order of blog business? Close the book on last year by sharing the pics that tangentially tell the tale of December 2017!

Fall Run

I’m running a half marathon in a few weeks and I’m embarrassingly undertrained. This picture is from one of the first runs of my season where I discovered just how undertrained I am. I also happened upon some amazing “fall” colors out on the trails.

Spots of fall on this morning’s run.

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A coworker led an effort to host an ornament exchange at work, and because she knows how I tend to skip out on these things, she went out and bought me an ornament. The one she picked was nerdtastic! (I have some awesome coworkers. FYI)

Ornament exchange gone full nerd.

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Snowtime Like The Present

It snowed in South Texas in a serious way for the first time since 1985. It was magical.

Oh, and I took this picture while rolling around in the snow.

The Great Snowification of 2017. #ImExaggeratingJustALittleBit

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Eggcellent Nog

Two of my closest friends have started a tradition of hosting an eggnog making party. I didn’t make it last year but I did in 2017. It was awesome, and it was great to catch up with friends I’ve known for 10+ years! (And the eggnog was freaking delicious)

Nyeaa See. I Decorated My Office See.

I took this picture after spreading holiday cheer with some of my coworkers by giving out candy canes. Yep, that’s right. I helped spread holiday cheer. So there see. I do have a heart see. Now quit bugging me about it seeeeee!

Merry Christmas ya filthy animal!

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Seasons Siblings

This picture is worth sharing solely because my sister managed to sneak her pose in while my dad fumbled with his camera phone. Ahhhhhh #EscoXmas.

Merry Chreeeestmas

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Which brings me to my final thought…

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